Upcoming Trips

Ladies Night Paddle- Poplar Bluffs to Saskatoon Sept 17th, 2019

We will be having another Ladies Night Paddle Sept 17. Due to the shorter days, this trip will start from Poplar Bluff Canoe Launch.

Please fill out to hold your spot on the trip, as space may be limited. You must be a 2019 member of the Saskatoon Canoe Club to attend and It is expected that all participants are self-sufficient on the water and have the ability to paddle continuously for 3-4 hours. Day trips are NOT intended to be a lesson but rather an opportunity to paddle together as a group. Please meet at the Boathouse at 4:00 pm as we will be departing by vehicle to the Poplar Bluff Canoe launch at 4:30 pm sharp. Please reach out with any further questions or put them in the bottom of the form. Happy paddling!

Contact: Louise Seidel chrysalistheatre[at]gmail.com

To register please fill out the form:https://forms.gle/ZGS3267RW2yDCKXC8

Recent Trips

Fred Heal Day Paddles - June 16, July 13, August 3, August 24 2019

This summer we will have several day trips from Fred Heal Canoe & Kayak Launch (near Beaver Creek) back to Saskatoon. This trip is an approximately 20 km (3-5 hour) paddle to Saskatoon. You will be amazed at the bird, animal and plant life found along the way. We will carpool to the launch and use club’s canoe & kayak trailer to haul our boats. Depending on the number of participants, we may need volunteers to drive their vehicles to Fred Heal Canoe & Kayak Launch, and need someone at the end to drive the drivers back to their vehicles at the launch to complete the shuttle.

Trips start at 10:30 am.

Ladies Night Paddle- Fred Heal to Saskatoon August 20th

Bring your supper to enjoy along the river. 

Leaving the boathouse at 4:30

For more information contact Lauren: treasurer@saskatooncanoeclub.org

To register please fill out the form https://forms.gle/vQYq8HFQ69TWL1TK9

A Blind Adventure from Outlook - July 19-21 2019

We are partnering with The Blind Adventurer Foundation to offer a unique paddling trip from Outlook to Saskatoon July 19-21. We are looking for SCC members who would like to pair up with a visually-impaired paddler for this once-in-a-lifetime trip. You should be comfortable in the stern of a canoe and ideally you would join us for the pool training session (June 12, 8-10pm) and the trip itself (July 19-21), but please let us know if you are also able to help out with either one or the other.

If you know a visually impaired person that might be interested in coming on the trip, please invite them. Thanks to a grant from the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund, we are able to offer free SCC memberships for visually impaired paddlers and will have some perks for the sighted volunteers as well. For more information or to sign up, please call Ron at 306-665-0388.

This trip is open to fully sighted boats as well. To sign up, email Russell at white.water.rower [at] gmail.com

Churchill River Whitewater Festival - June 27/28-July 1 2019

This year we have two options to get out to the festival, a group leaving early Thursday June 27th and one leaving early Friday June 28th (given enough interest to leave Thursday). We’ll be driving to the Devil Lake boat launch north of Missinipe and paddling to Barker Lake which is roughly a 3 hour paddle with one portage where we will set up base camp for the weekend.

Check out this link or go to Churchill River Canoe Outfitters’ website for the itinerary for the weekend. Please reserve your spot with the club by completing this form and paying $35 to cover gas expenses. You will then need to purchase your own festival ticket (Limited amount).

Experience with whitewater is a plus but not necessary. Experience with smooth moving water is mandatory (a.k.a strong enough current to “ferry”). This trip is being organized by Tyler Kallio.


Brabant Lake to Southend July 21 to 28 2018

We’ll depart Saskatoon early on Sat. July 21st and drive to Brabant Lake where we’ll drop off most of our group and gear.  Then we’ll shuttle vehicles 50 km to Southend and return to Brabant Lake to begin paddling.   From there, we’ll make our way down the Wapiskau River to its outlet at Steephill Lake, where we’ll head north on the Reindeer River and paddle back to our vehicles at Southend.  The paddling distance is about 125 km.  Depending on water levels and paddling skill, there are 10 to 16 portages.  Of the 10 mandatory portages, all but two (one 125 m and one 250 m) are very short (25 to 80 m).  The Wapiskau is a small river featuring many waterfalls, nice campsites, and good fishing.  Going up the Reindeer River we will face some current in places but most of the distance will be covered on lakes.  Our pace will be moderate, likely with a rest day in the middle to enjoy the scenery and spend more time fishing/relaxing.  A map of the route is available here.

Prerequisites: you are comfortable paddling on smooth moving water and are accustomed to wilderness camping.  Costs per person are $40 for use of SCC boats, plus food and a share of the fuel to get there and back.  For more information or to sign up, fill out this form.


Pelican Narrows to Sandy Bay Aug. 25 to Sept. 3 2018

The group will load gear at the boathouse the morning of Sat. Aug. 25th and drive to Pelican Narrows to drop off most of our paddlers and equipment.  The remainder will continue on another 70 km to Sandy Bay to drop off vehicles and return to Pelican Narrows to start paddling.  We’ll head northwest on the voyageur highway through a chain of lakes towards the height of land separating the Sturgeon-Weir and Churchill River watersheds.  After using a rail cart to cross historic Frog Portage, we’ll paddle down the Churchill River to Sandy Bay and drive home.

The total paddling distance is about 181 km and the route can be seen here.  The first part of the trip is lake travel with 4 short (<90 m) portages.  As we descend the Churchill there will be more areas of fast water and we’ll see some powerful waterfalls and the spectacular Wapumon Gorge, where the entire Churchill flows through a channel only 20 m wide.  Between Frog Portage and Sandy Bay there are about 10 portages (two 320 m, two 120 m, and the rest <60 m).  Depending on water levels and the group’s skill level, we may elect to run or line some of these rapids.  There are good fishing, camping, and wildlife-viewing opportunities throughout the trip.

Prerequisites: you are comfortable running short Class 2 rapids and maneuvering in strong currents, and you are accustomed to wilderness camping.  Costs per person are $50 for use of SCC boats, plus food and a share of the fuel to get there and back.  For more information or to sign up, fill out this form.




Hosting a Club trip is highly encouraged

  • Leader earns a coupon that can be redeemed the following year for a free Recreation membership
  • Trips have priority choice of equipment

To qualify as a Club Trip, the event must:

  1. be properly advertised in SCC publications. The trip leader must:
    1. Contact the Webmaster at webmaster@saskatooncanoeclub.org to have your trip advertised on the club website
    2. Advertise in the club newsletter by contacting the editor at social@saskatooncanoeclub.org
  2. made available to the entire membership
  3. have at least 2 weeks notice given for the trip, and
  4. have only SCC members on the trip
  5. Be approved by the division director

Boat rental fees for club trips: No charge effective Jan 7 2019 (Was $5/person/day)

Trailer rental fees for club trips: No charge





The Government of Canada provides free printable topographic maps here. Turn off your popup blocker to print.

Many outfiters and outdoor stores have maps that contain additional route specific details available for purchase. 

Click on the links below to see some trips that are close to the Saskatoon area.