Over the past few years we have steamlined our registration process into 4 simple steps. Please send your feedback to membership@saskatooncanoeclub.org

Step 1
Read the online orientation package. This page provides information about how to use club equipment, rules and safety precautions. Returning members will find this info was provided during their in-person orientation in a previous year so may choose to skip reading.

Step 2
Complete the online orientation quiz. Each adult must pass the quiz with a score of 90% before registering. You may take the quiz multiple times. At the end of the quiz you will receive a unique code if you pass. You will enter this on the registration form.

Step 3
Register and pay. Payment is currently only accepted by credit card. 

Step 4
Come to the boathouse as follows:

For new members, attend a 15-minute in-person orientation to learn about details we were not able to cover in the online orientation. You will select your orientation time on the registration form in Step 3.  Complete this form if you need to change times or have not signed up for one.

For returning 2020 members, stop by the boathouse for a 5-minute briefing on our COVID-19 adaptations any time that we have staff on duty.  Click here for the staff schedule.  Note that if you arrive while an orientation for new members is underway, you may be asked to join that orientation or wait until it is over.

Once all 4 steps are complete, drop by the boathouse to go for a paddle any time our staff are on duty. (We are not currently giving out the door code due to COVID-19.)