Welcome to the Saskatoon Canoe Club

We are glad to have you joining us. The Saskatoon Canoe Club is a boat sharing cooperative formed in 1973. In 2018 we had 1640 members split into two divisions: recreation and marathon. Boats are available on a first come first serve basis.

Opportunities to Volunteer

There are always volunteer opportunities to help the Saskatoon Canoe Club carry out its various activities throughout the year. All that is required is an interest and some time to spare. We are always accommodating to new people with different skills and ideas. We are looking for people who want to share their skills and want to help to keep the Club vibrant and changing with the times.   Please consider volunteering!

Meet the Executive

The SCC is run by a friendly team of volunteers that make up the Executive. We take care of the behind-the-scenes so that our fellow members can get on the water quickly and with ease. There are always opportunities to volunteer and to become involved with the Executive, Contact us if you’re interested in any opportunity.

Please say hello to us if you run into us at the boathouse!

2019 Team

Volunteer Executive

President: Franny Rawlyk


E-mail: president

Treasurer: Lauren Erickson

Email: treasurer

Secretary: Lori Mack

E-mail: secretary

Membership: Nicole Graham

E-mail: membership

Marathon: Edith MacHattie

E-mail: marathon

Recreation: Eithan Pillipow

E-mail: recreation

Equipment Manager - canoe:
John McClean

E-mail: canoe or equipment

Equipment Manager - kayak:
Kathleen Weary
E-mail: kayak or equipment

Social Director: Tiina Liiving

E-mail: social

Members at Large:
Trevor Robinson


Richard Rance


Shawn Bursey

Shawn B

Shaun Lalonde,

Andrew Findlay,

room for more

E-Mail: mal


In 2019 hired our first employees. During the summer one of them will be at the boathouse most evenings and weekends to help members, run tours and take care of the equipment.   

Shay Crawford


E-Mail: Shay.C or staff

Bryan Sarauer


E-Mail: Bryan.S or staff

Club Sanctioned Trips

Our equipment is available to members to take on trips off site. The trips must be open to all division members and advertised for a two week period. Any trips that are advertised to the members almost always come from members that have a desire to connect and wish to explore a new waterway with some new people. We encourage the club members to reach out to the Director of their Division to plan a trip this year. For more info see the trips page. Members who lead an overnight trip or two day trips will receive a free membership for the following year.

General Notes

  • The nearest washroom is a public facility which is located on the south side of the facility. A key for after hours access is attached to a ski pole located next to the water hose.
  • The training centre is not part of the Saskatoon Canoe Club
  • Your membership expires Dec 31 of the year in which you purchase it
  • Park in the parking lot when coming down to paddle
  • Vehicle access to the water is reserved for loading and unloading boats
  • Boats are available on a first come first serve basis with the exception of club trips which are able to reserve boats. Watch for labels on the boat to see if the boat you are taking has been reserved.
  • If equipment needs repair, contact the Equipment Manager at: equipment@saskatooncanoeclub.org

Where to find SCC

The Saskatoon Canoe Club is located within Bay #4 of the Victoria Park boathouse.

Photo of the door at bay 4 closed

Photo of the boathouse with the SCC door open

Bay #4 Organization

The boathouse bay is organized in a specific way to make the visits of our members quick and simple.
On the Left we have our Marathon boats to be used only by Marathon Division Members after the in person Group Paddle with the Director.
On the Right and Back we have the Recreation boats. The recreation shelves are all labeled with which specific boats belongs on it.

Floor plan of the boathouse

Accessing Bay #4

All members are provided with the door code when they receive their membership card. This allows club members 24 hour access to paddle on the river. (Remember you are required by law to have lights after sunset which the club does not provide.) Once you obtain the code, please do not give it out. People who have forgotten the code can email membership@saskatooncanoeclub.org

Door lock

To unlock the door:
step on the foot bar,
enter the door code,
turn the knob counterclockwise,
lift door carefully to the fully open position.

To lock the door:
Using the door rope carefully lower the door in  a controlled manner,
step on the foot bar,
turn the lock knob clockwise,
Before you leave Bay #4 check that the door is locked by pulling up on the handle.

Always make sure the door is locked if you’re the last one to leave.

What To Do When You Arrive At Bay #4

  1. Say Hello! We are a club made up of fun people who like to paddle.
  2. Gather all the equipment you need and place them on the grassy area in front of our bay. You will need the following:
    1. One personal floatation device lifejacket (PFD) for each person on board,
    2. One sound-signalling device (We have whistles tied to each of our PFDs),
    3. One bailer or one manual bilge pump,
    4. One buoyant heaving line at least 15 m long (e.g. a throw-bag), and
    5. If the boat is operated anytime between sunset and sunrise or in periods of restricted visibility, navigation lights (e.g. a watertight flashlight or headlamp)
    6. A paddle is not required by law for our types of boats but we recommend one. (It is required for sail and personal motor boats)
      Items required by law

  3. Select a boat and move it to the grass. Plan how you are going to move it before you lift. Get help if you need it. There are portable stairs and a boat cart available. Adjust your seat, foot braces, etc
  4. Sign out your boat with your last name, boat number, departure time and expected return time.
    Current Sign Out Whiteboard 
  5. Lock the door or confirm another member is going to close it
  6. Launch from the dock as quickly as possible. We share the dock with competitive clubs so please spend as little time on it as possible. There may be some times the dock is too busy to launch immediately, wait patiently for a safe opportunity to launch.

Water Safety

  • When approaching another boat head on both boats should turn to the right to avoid a collision.
  • By law, due to its limited maneuverability, the Prairie Lily riverboat has the right of way on the river. Never travel or cross in front of it. Listen for its signals and be aware of its route for your safety.
  • It is illegal to operate a boat while impaired or while drinking alcohol. If you do so, you will be reported to the Saskatoon Police and your membership will be revoked. No warnings will be given. Requests to return to the club will be denied.
  • Most paddlers head up river (away from the city) first so they don’t have to work as hard on the return trip. If you travel into the city center, be aware of motorized boats as this is a shared space. Keep close to shores edge and be aware of their path of travel and wake.
  • Motorized boats tend to stay in the City Centre area but are not required to. If you encounter a large wake (or waves in general), turn your boat to face into them so that you make a T with the wave. This will reduce the amount of side-to-side rocking.
  • Watch for submerged rocks and other submerged obstructions that may cause damage to the boats.

What To Do When You Return To Bay #4

  • Traveling upcurrent, use the water's force to guide your boat to the dock gently.  
  • Promptly exit your boat and carry your equipment to the grassy area near the boathouse.
  • Access Bay #4 and return your equipment to its specific places. Grab the wash racks for your boat on your return out. Both recreation and marthon boats must be washed everytime. 
  • Using the provided sponges and hose, thoroughly rinse the interior and exterior of the boat you were using to clear it of debris. Sponge out any sitting water within the hull of the boats.
  • Return boats carefully to their assigned racks.
  • Turn off tap for the hose reel and squeeze out the sponges.
  • After making sure all the SCC equipment is safely inside Bay #4, turn the lights off and lock the boathouse door.

Recreation Group Paddles

Recreation members are encouraged to come out Thursday nights at 6:30pm and Sunday mornings at 10:30am to paddle with other members. There will be at least one experienced person from the club to help newer paddlers out. This is also a good time for experienced paddlers to try out new boats or learn techniques from others.

The speed and distance traveled during a group paddle are based on the skills and goals of the people who show up. We generally spend one to two hours on the water and aim to return before sunset. 

Marathon Group Info

New Marathon members are required to participate in a Group Paddle prior to using Marathon Equipment on their own

Group Paddles
Come down to the boathouse for group paddles on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.  A certain fitness level is expected - be prepared to paddle with minimal stops for an hour or more (up to two hours later on in the season).  Paddles begin at the boathouse and usually head upstream to the mailboxes or sometimes all the way around Yorath Island.  No equipment is necessary.

Wednesday Night Paddles 6:30pm
This paddle is intended for folks who have some experience paddling canoes and are looking to improve their skills and perhaps get into racing. Newer paddlers will be paired with "mentors" who will provide feedback and guidance on technique, tactics, and racing strategy.  The philosophy of this group is to organize equal-speed boats and to paddle together to optimize skill building.   Group paddles may have a focus such as buoy turns, wash riding, stroke technique or other skill.   Paddles usually last about one and a half hours.

Sunday Morning Paddles 10:00am
These may be longer paddles (two hours) with boats of varying speeds, so the group may split up to accommodate paddlers with different expectations. Elite groups may go off on their own and paddle multiple hours.  Non-elite groups will paddle as far as everyone is comfortable with - therefore it is important to communicate your expectations and limitations so that everyone gets a good workout without pushing anyone too hard.  Following the paddle we meet somewhere nearby for coffee.

Laws - Policies - Equipment Use

Below is a summary of SCC Laws, Policies, and Equipment Use.

  • By law, all canoes and kayaks of the type owned by the SCC must have:
    • One personal floatation device (PFD) or lifejacket for each person on board,
    • One sound-signaling device (e.g. a pealess whistle),
    • One bailer or one manual bilge pump,
    • One buoyant heaving line at least 15 m long (e.g. a throw-bag), and
    • If the boat is operated anytime between sunset and sunrise or in periods of restricted visibility, navigation lights (e.g. a watertight flashlight or headlamp)
  • It is illegal to operate a boat while impaired or while drinking alcohol. If you do so, you will be reported to the Saskatoon Police and your membership will be revoked. No warnings will be given. Requests to return to the club will be denied.
  • By law, due to its limited maneuverability, the Prairie Lily riverboat has the right of way on the river. Never travel or cross in front of it. Listen for its signals and be aware of its route for your safety.
  • All members must have an orientation each year.
  • Do not share the door code with anyone.  Boats and equipment are for members only. No one-time “guest” users.
  • Members under 18 years of age may only paddle:
    • With their parent/guardian, or
    • While supervised by an adult SCC member authorized by the parent/guardian.
  • Bikes may not be stored in the boathouse.
  • The club is not responsible for personal items left in the boathouse.
  • Upon review of the executive, the SCC reserves the right to revoke the membership of anyone that is not compliant with the club rules.
  • Members may only use equipment assigned to the division(s) to which they belong.
  • Recreation Division equipment is not to be used on bodies of water where ice is present.
  • Members new to the Marathon Division must attend a Marathon Div. group paddle before taking marathon equipment out on their own.
  • The Marathon Division’s safety boat and motor may only be used for club-sanctioned events as approved by the Marathon Director.
  • Boats must launch from and return to the boathouse dock the same day, i.e. no boats on the water at midnight.   
  • Boats may only be transported by vehicle away from or back to the boathouse for club-sanctioned trips approved by the executive.
  • Plan ahead with your partner how to lift a boat down. Get help lifting heavy boats.
  • Set boats down on rubber mats or grass only. Do not set or drag boats on concrete or pavement as this damages them.  
  • Sign out your Recreation Division boat by recording the following information in the place provided for this purpose:
    • The boat number,
    • The first initial and last name of each person in the boat,
    • The date and time of departure and the time of expected return
  • Prepare your boat and equipment before going to the dock. Launch immediately once at the dock.
  • Do not leave the SCC boathouse bay door open or unlocked while unsupervised.
  • Do not leave SCC equipment unsupervised outside the boathouse.
  • Do not rub paddles along the side of the boat.
  • On return to the dock, promptly take your boat to the grass and remove gear.
  • All boats must be washed inside and out after each use.  Place boats on SCC wash saddles outside the boathouse when washing them.
  • Squeeze out sponges and brushes and return to their marked containers.
  • Turn off the tap, leave hose rolled up, nozzle open, and in marked container.
  • Return boats to their assigned storage location.
  • Return all equipment and buckled PFDs to their designated places.
  • To indicate that you have returned all equipment to the boathouse, record your actual return time next to your sign-out information in the place provided for this purpose.
  • A key for evening use of the boathouse bathroom is kept on a ski pole next to the overhead door. Return it after use. 
  • Pets and fish are allowed in the canoes. Please wash the boat thoroughly afterward.
  • Advise equipment managers of any needed repairs. equipment@saskatooncanoeclub.org