If you have any questions regarding any of the courses, have suggestions for other courses that you would like offered, or would like to offer your expertise to instruct a course contact the applicable division director.

Recreation Lessons Offered by Club Supporters

There are many other couses that you can sign up for directly with our supporters rather than signing up for lessons with the executive.

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Info From Supporters

CanoeSki Paddling Courses

CanoeSki Company offers a full range of canoeing courses in Saskatoon for beginners to experts. Courses start in late May through to mid-July and run from short 4-hour mini-sessions to comprehensive 2-day Learn to Canoe programs. All courses have scheduled dates andtimes,however groups can usually be accommodated on a custom basis if need be. Please visitthecanoeski site (at above link) for more information or to register.

A CanoeSki group taking a break from paddling
on a South Saskatchewan River day trip

CanoeSki Map & Compass Course

The full day Map & Compass Course introduces participants to orienteering and wilderness navigation skills for beginners or those needing a refresher using traditional low tech navigation tools. Canoeists planning trips on complex waterways, hikers, skiers, adventure racers and anyone wanting to get out and explore unfamiliar terrain will find this course particularly valuable. Check the canoeski site for registration info.

Nav students working on a topographical map exercise








Know your boating regulations - Be safe on the water

Check out Transport Canada for regulations regarding human-powered pleasure crafts (kayaks and canoes). Safety on the river is your responsibility.

Things to consider before going out on the water:

  • If you don't know, don't go

  • If you have to ask, it's not safe for you

  • If you haven't done it, it's not safe for you (whatever "it" is - hearing about it or even watching someone is not enough - you need to practice it yourself)

  • If you haven't practiced putting your PFD on while in the water then wear it while you are on the water.

An incident on the South Saskatchewan River in 2011 near the boathouse docks highlights the importance of not taking safety, the river, and the weather for granted. A canoe capsized on the river in early May, resulting in a call to 911 and launch of the Saskatoon Police Water Rescue boat. In the end, those involved were OK but it could have ended differently. It appears that PFDs were in the boat but not worn. We would like to remind everyone that it is important to WEAR a PFD before going out on the water. When you most need a PFD is when you least expect it. If something goes wrong and you generally don't have time to put it on before ending up in the water. Keep in mind, there are unpredictable currents under the surface on our placid-looking South Saskatchewan River, and please don't be mislead by the calm appearance. The incident above was precipitated by a dramatic and rapid change in the weather, so always prepare for the worst and pay close attention to your surroundings. If you are uncertain of your skills, seek instruction and/or travel with others that are more skilled. Finally, it's mandatory to have the following paddling gear in your boat as required by the Transport Canada:

  • a PFD or life-jacket for each person

  • a floating rope at least 15 m (50') long (such as the throw bags provided in the boathouse)

  • a bailer or manual water pump

  • a sound signaling device (whistle)

  • if traveling at night, you need the appropriate lights.

  • A paddle is not required by law for our types of boats but we recommend one. (It is required for sail and personal motor boats)