Welcome to the Saskatoon Canoe Club

Welsome to the Saskatoon Canoe Club

The Saskatoon Canoe Club is a group of paddling enthusiasts of varying skill levels and interests. We are involved in a variety of types of canoeing & kayaking from recreational and whitewater paddling to competitive marathon racing. We have kayaks and canoes for a variety of purposes and paddling styles. We offer courses to  members, as well as opportunities for canoe trip.

The Saskatoon Canoe Club does not rent canoes or or provide any access to club gear or the boathouse for non-members.

2017 Registration

Based on feedback that we received last year we are hard at work redesigning the registration and orientation process for 2017. The goal is to save you and our volunteers time. We would ask that you hold off on registering for 2017 until March unless you are planning to attend the Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan AGM or are a marathon member doing winter training. CLICK HERE to register for the 2017 paddling year. Note this link will take you to a page outside of the Canoe Club site.

2017 Trips

Are you interested in volunteering to lead an SCC trip in 2016? If you wish to lead a trip please contact the recreation director. In order to qualify as a Trip, the trip must be open to all club members and be advertised for a period of at least 2 weeks prior to the trip.

Divisions And Membership

There are two divisions of the Saskatoon Canoe Club: Recreation and Marathon. You may join one division or both! Go to our membership page for more information.

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If you have never canoed before or wish to improve your skills, we offer a range of paddling opportunities. More information is available about races, trips, and other club events. Members have access to Club equipment at the Victoria Park boathouse. Contact us if you are looking for opportunities to volunteer. The SCC is a great way to meet people with the same interests, and to get involved in one of Saskatchewan's most exciting summer sports. During the summer months, the Victoria Park boathouse is open at 7:00 - 7:15 pm on Tuesday evenings and a club member will be present to answer questions, take membership forms and orient new members to the boathouse. Do you have any comments, suggestions or questions about the SCC? Send an e-mail to the club. See any broken links or problems with the web site? Contact the webmaster.